Give Memories to last a lifetime…

There’s no greater gift than the gift of travel, so we at Historic Hotels are delighted to introduce our new Gift Experience Voucher — an eco-friendly present that can help to fund your loved one’s dream adventure. Worth between 50 – 1,500€, this voucher can be put towards a holiday at any participating property in our Collection. Just look for the “Gift Experience Voucher” badge on the side of the listing to see which properties your lucky recipient can choose from!

They won’t be short of inspiration, either. From captivating castles to luxurious villas, historic monasteries, charming country houses and more, we have a perfect European escape to suit every type of travel personality. History lovers, culture seekers, and those looking for something just a little special will all love the travel opportunities this sustainable gift offers.

When you purchase one of our vouchers, you have a direct, positive impact on the planet, too

Some money from each Gift Experience Voucher bought goes towards the work of our environmental partner, Global Forest Fund. It’s automatically donated to one of their programmes, where it’s then spent on planting a tree: helping to offset our carbon footprint.

Being as sustainable as possible is a big priority of ours at Historic Hotels of Europe, and we’re passionate about doing our part in the fight against climate change. From promoting the eco-friendly properties in our Collection to striking up environmental partnerships, and coming up with ways to be more “green behind the scenes”, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting the planet.

We’re thrilled by our collaboration with Global Forest Fund, then, and are proud to support their crucial work. The Global Forest Fund is an initiative by the Foundation for Environmental Education, the world’s largest environmental education organization, that gives individuals and businesses a simple way to compensate for their carbon emissions through donations to tree-plating and environmental education projects around the world.

As mentioned, each Gift Experience Voucher bought goes towards planting these trees… lowering the carbon in our atmosphere while supporting a range of global communities. So in purchasing it, you’re automatically doing something good for the planet. Further, you can choose to contribute an additional sum (starting from 5€) to Global Forest Fund while buying their voucher, for which you’ll receive a special certificate in acknowledgement.

On the same environmental note, each Gift Experience Voucher bought will be delivered electronically (via email). Now that’s what we call a truly sustainable gift!

There’s no rush – your voucher is valid for 5 years…

Yes, you read that right. Each voucher is valid for five years from the date of issue, so there’s no need to panic and book something right away. With the future still uncertain, this is one of the biggest advantages of choosing our Gift Experience Voucher. Beyond this, its long shelf life also ensures your loved one can plan every detail of their European escape in ease, and can go whenever’s convenient for them. Handy, right?

The gift of Europe… with an eco-friendly edge

Sipping wine on a terrace in the Italian sun. Wandering the cobbled streets of Strasbourg, or experiencing Ireland on horseback. There are tons of potential holidays for your lucky friend, family member or other to choose from with our Gift Experience Voucher. The fact that it’s also one of the first green travel vouchers just makes it even more of a tempting treat!

Put future adventures on your loved one’s agenda with this sustainable gift — it won’t fail to impress.

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