Although the passage of time has changed the landscape of Europe, right across this vast continent some things have remained the same. From the snowy mountain peaks of Switzerland to the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean on the coast of Greece some hospitality traditions have stood the test of time. “Open your home and offer your guests food and wine so that they may rest their travel weary feet” sounds like something the Europeans of old would have done. It is essentially what we do today, collectively, as the Historic Hotels of Europe Association. The only difference being that we offer a luxury and class only the nobility would have experienced in the Europe of old, to each and everyone of our valued visitors. All our 500 members share a common goal, to share the history of the history interwoven within the fabric which stitches the buildings today, while preserving the story each castle, manor house and city hotel has to tell. We are all bound by a single mission, the desire to bring you luxurious accommodation in magnificent surroundings in more ways than you could ever have imagined. We do not do half measures, either you thoroughly enjoy your stay and can’t wait to come back, or we have failed. Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority and we intend to keep and exceed the standards set for us by those who have been patrons of the places we are now proud to serve. A magnificent holiday getaway awaits you, whatever your fancy, there is a Historic Hotel of Europe that’s just perfect for you. Walk down the corridors of history, dine in the same surroundings as Kings and Queens and swim in the same waters as the ancient gods of Greece. Plan your holiday by visiting today.